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Amazon Echo (2017) review: The best Alexa device yet

Amazon Echo 2 $99.99 View Product The Good Smaller speaker packs a bigger punch than original • Design you actually won't mind looking at • Unmatched mics The Bad Volume buttons are kind of clunky • Alexa app still requires
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Amazon Alexa is coming to hotel rooms

"Alexa, can I get a toothbrush?" At the mention of Amazon's digital assistant, the light ring on the white Echo Plus sitting on the end table lights up, then blinks for a second after the question is asked. Ordinarily, if you made that query to the
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16 of the best Alexa skills that we're obsessed with right now

Amazon Alexa is the retail giant’s "personal assistant" that lives inside of every Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire TV Stick device. The smart digital assistant helps you with virtually any task, such as giving you weather updates or playing music
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Siri on HomePod is a master at trolling

We all know Siri. Most probably remember it as the digital assistant on their iPhone whom they once asked about the weather and then never talked to again. Others might know it as the colorful wavy lines that appear on the bottom of your iPhone
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10 Types Of Facebook Statuses That Need To Stop Right Now

From: Via: 10 Types Of Facebook Statuses That Need To Stop Right Now via @scoopwhoopnewsFacebook is no doubt one of the most