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Give this person who made an 8-bit Mario jack-o'-lantern infinite coins

Nintendo's icon and star, Mario, just got the best Halloween tribute ever.   A jack-o'-lantern that was carved in the shape of an 8-bit Mario back in his 2D days has circulated around Reddit. The carving is extremely detailed, and it nails the
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Can I bring on a person with auditing background as the CFO of a tech startup?

From: Via: My answer to Can I bring on a person with auditing background as the CFO of a tech startup?
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I’m way cooler on the internet than I am in person, and it gives me anxiety

This post is part of Me, online, Mashable's ongoing series digging into online identities. "Chill the fuck out," my internet self is constantly shouting to my real-life self. See, I exist as two personalities: internet me and real-life me. Don't we
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'The New York Times' profiled the most selfish person in America

Everybody who has dealt with any minor amount of stress has had the fantasy of packing up and running away from all of their problems, disappearing from the modern world almost entirely. Erik Hagerman, dubbed "The man who knew too little" by The New
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People Persons Need Not Apply For These HR Jobs

Josh Tarr doesn’t hire people persons for his HR jobs. Telling him that in an interview is the surest way to get the boot. What he’s looking for are people who tell him they like solving problems, who have business...
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This person with a tuba on their head is the perfect Photoshop battle hero

From the ashes a hero rises... *toot* SEE ALSO: Photoshop battle of a little dog destroying a sofa is all the drama you could ask for Most Photoshop battles start with an image which, while entertaining, is largely rooted in reality. This is not one
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Gifts ideas for that person who's literally obsessed with space

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. If you care about NASA news more than you do about life
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Donald Trump thinks he's the first person to come up with movie ratings

The President of the United States of America, having heard that video games and movies sometimes contain violence, proposed an age-based rating system to keep kids from seeing violent entertainment Thursday. SEE ALSO: There's a striking difference
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Malaysian newspaper criticised for its 'how to spot a gay person' list

LGBTQ discrimination is rife in Malaysia, but it doesn't get more ridiculous than an article telling readers how to spot them. Malaysian newspaper Sinar Harian has been criticised by activists for publishing a list of pointers last Friday, warning
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This person's genius idea for decorating the stairs will delight all you cartophiles out there

Tired of climbing regular old stairs? Wish you could see maps in more varied place? Then we have an idea for you! SEE ALSO: This man's ghosts, floating in mid air, are the closest thing we have to holograms On Sunday children's author Giles Paley