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Creating Change from the Inside-Out

“You may have heard the phrase that people are an organization’s greatest asset. As a human resource director for many years, that philosophy guided my professional decisions. But after 14 years as a Chief People Officer, I see things a
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People Will Like You More If You Start Asking Followup Questions

From:   By: HBS Working Knowledge Via: Some new interesting findings
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Getting serious about remarkable

It's not sizzle or hype or a fad, not when you're serious about it. Consider FCP Euro, for example. They sell high-performance auto parts. Things like brake pads, oil, oil filters, etc. People always whine about the fact that they...  
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Dealing With the People Part of Big Data Analytics

Considering that analytics is meant to be about hard evidence, it’s surprising how much it’s riven with emotion. I’ve run across various points of conflict: People defending / denying the value of intuition. People defending /