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People really loved bean burritos in 2018, according to Grubhub

Looks like a lot of you snubbed carnitas in 2018. According to year-end data from Grubhub, the food that experienced the biggest surge on the delivery platform this year was the bean burrito. Notably, the 2018 list featured zero red meat, although
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People are divided over Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran's clashing outfits

People have feelings over Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran's outfit choices.  The two stars performed a duet of "Perfect" during the Global Citizens Festival in South Africa on Sunday. Her stunning headlining set included six outfit changes,
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20 gifts for people who've been burned by 2018

2018 is almost over and you know what that means? You survived. You overcame all the bullshit news and upsetting occurrences that have taken place this year, and for that you deserve some celebratory self-care. Finding the perfect present for
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Putin and Saudi Crown Prince got real bro-y at G20 and it's weirding people out

It's G20 Summit season again, folks, which means it's time for a whole lot of handshakes. On Friday, leaders from around the world gathered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to discuss global issues, and two close pals — who also happen to be some
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Why you need to stop switchtasking on people

I’m in beautiful Puerto Rico, where I was invited to speak to the Food Industry Association Executives. I’m going to show you a clip from that in just a moment, so hang in there with me. First, I want to share an exercise with you, the
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Watch these 2 cats scare the crap out of some innocent people

Two cats startled a woman so badly, she jumped on a counter for safety.  Security camera footage shows a worker in South Africa innocently doing her job when two cats sprint through the industrial kitchen. When the worker saw them, she was so
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South Korea charges 9 people for selling Samsung's foldable phone secrets to China

Sherlock, it seems to be a case of Techspionage. South Korean prosecutors have filed charges against nine people and two companies for selling Samsung's intellectual trade secrets to a Chinese company, Bloomberg reported late Wednesday evening per a
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People really want to watch 'Home Alone' with Macaulay Culkin, apparently

People wanting to watch Home Alone starring a 10-year-old Macaulay Culkin in the company of adult Macaulay Culkin is apparently a "thing." The Home Alone actor told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show about the situation that arises for him when the
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“People like us” — an update on This is Marketing

My new book launched about two weeks ago. Thanks to you, it went to #1 on the Wall Street Journal business bestseller list, made the New York Times list and best of all, has led to an ever-growing series of conversations about the ideas inside. The
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Android people: Save $100 on the Samsung Gear S3 or Gear Sport smartwatches at Best Buy

Smartwatches are something most people can agree on — they make life easier and make you look pretty cool. That part is fine and dandy. One little point of controversy? I know this is hard for Apple people to fathom, but some people are