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Rescue cow loves to get his back scratched by a rake

It's 2019 and even cows are hopping on the self-care train. One hefty Pennsylvania cow, Babe, needs more than a helping hand when it comes to his daily routine. Thankfully, someone from his new farm sanctuary recognized this and used a rake to give
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Pennsylvania pulls a California and allows statewide self-driving car tests

Pennsylvania is opening its roads to self-driving cars. The state authorized its first self-driving car company to test on state roads this week — and no, it wasn't Uber who received the honors. Instead Aurora, the company working with China's
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Pennsylvania schools are arming their teachers with very useful mini baseball bats

In the midst of a national gun debate led by victims of the Parkland shooting, one Pennsylvania school district is taking a ... rather questionable approach to protecting students from another in-school tragedy. The Millcreek School District
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Rick Santorum seems to think teen protesters are just dumping their problems on others

Rick Santorum is no longer an elected official, but that doesn't mean he's stopped being a heartless buffoon. The former Senator from Pennsylvania appeared on CNN's State of the Union on Sunday, and for some unfathomable reason he decided to use
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The internet is having a field day with Paul Ryan's oblivious #GOPTaxScam tweet

Paul Ryan is boasting on Twitter about all the good the G.O.P. tax plan will do. In related news, the House Majority Leader might not understand how money works for most people. Ryan, tweeting from his personal account, earned himself a good, old-
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Pennsylvania Is Legalizing Medical Marijuana: What Employers Need to Know

By Eric B. Meyer Pennsylvania is about to become the second Commonwealth in the United States to legalize medical marijuana. (23 states — la di da, states — plus the District of Columbia currently allow it) Does this mean that
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Should Prison Sentences Be Based On Crimes That Haven’t Been Committed Yet?

From:   By: Dana Goldstein Via: Turns out, predictive crime assessment is already a thing: #
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Satellite Images Show Economies Growing and Shrinking in Real Time

From:   By: Jeff Kearns Via: Satellite Images Show Economies Growing and Shrinking in Real Time