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Pattern recognition is not the same as pattern matching

Pattern recognition is a priceless skill that comes with practice, with the experience of noticing. Noticing what works, what you've seen before, what might not work. Because pattern recognition is so valuable, some people have erroneously concluded
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The first 90 days: Crafting an outstanding first impression at a new job

What are some tips to best utilize the first 90 days of any new job?Answer below by Quora user Mira Zaslove.The answer to this question will vary if you are an entry-level employee at an established company, or the VP of sales at a startup. In the
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9 Traits of a Good VC

From:   By: Jay Zhao Via: RT @jzhaos: 9 Traits of a Good VC ( ft. @bgurley, @fredwilson, @davidhornik, @cbhbeck, @timechange, @joshk etc.)
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Can you out-race a computer?

From: Via: RT @ratanhack: A New Algorithm Can Outperform Humans #algorithm @vkhosla #innovation @newsycombinator @MIT @HarvardHuman
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Deep Learning, NLP, and Representations

From: Via: RT @jeremyphoward: Deep Learning, NLP, and Representations The best description of deep learning representations I'v…