Patience is a Virtue!

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Congrats to the Ebates team on the billion $$ sale of the company to Rakuten! It has been an amazing 14 years:

My grandmother used to tell me, my brother and sister that “patience is a virtue.” Of course, she used to say it while we were playing gin rummy and she was taking too long to drop a card. But her point was not lost on the Hornik siblings. My grandmother was not willing to rush something for the sake of moving on. She believed in being thoughtful and deliberate and making the best possible choices no matter how long it took. Thanks for the lesson, grandma! Duly noted.

Today we announced that Rakuten has entered into an agreement to purchase Ebates for a billion dollars. I have been extolling the virtues of Ebates for the last 14 years, since August first invested in the company and I began attending board meetings. Ebates is an amazing company built by amazing people and I could



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