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Apple patent contains clues about the 2020 AirPods redesign

We're starting to learn more about what the rumored 2020 AirPods redesign might look like. A recent Apple patent filing shows how the company may make changes to the AirPods in years to come. Spotted by 9to5Mac, the filing contains specs for
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Facebook looks to fight political echo chambers with new patent

Facebook wants to burst your filter bubble. A new patent — filed last March but just made public — details one way Facebook may push back on political echo chambers in its News Feed. Titled "Systems and Methods for Providing Diverse
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Facebook patents hint at 'skin smoothing' and karaoke features for live video

Who needs a skincare regimen when you have Facebook? Two new patents — which were filed by the Menlo Park-based company last year but made public today — hint at new features that may be coming to a live stream near you. And one of them
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Amazon patents hijack-proof delivery drones

Amazon just received a patent for hijack-proof delivery drones. The company filed a patent titled "Hostile takeover avoidance of unmanned vehicles" two years ago, and it was finally approved last week. The patent is specifically designed for
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Facebook patents 'emotion detecting' selfie filters

Having trouble choosing a selfie mask? Just cry directly into the camera. A newly public patent shows Facebook is eyeing tech that automatically chooses an animated selfie based on your current emotional state. SEE ALSO: Facebook AI is now capable
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Facebook seeks patent on tech that turns on your smartphone microphone

To hear Facebook tell it, no one at the company is secretly using your phone's microphone to listen in on your conversations for the purpose of ad targeting.  But that doesn't mean they aren't open to the possibility.  A patent application
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Little Caesars patents a pizza-making robot

Robots can already complete a wide variety of tasks for their human overlords, but they may soon be about to conquer the final frontier: making pizzas. As first reported by ZDNet, Little Caesars has received a new patent for an "automated pizza
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Apple patent reveals a new crumb-resistant keyboard design for MacBooks

The crumby keyboard on MacBooks may soon be replaced with something that actually works. A patent filing from Apple made public this week suggests the company is working on an upgraded version of its existing keyboards that would better resist
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Amazon files oh-so-ironic patent to block people from comparing prices in its stores

From: Mashable By Patrick Kulp Recommended by: Mashable Amazon has earned plenty of sales from shoppers comparing its prices to those of items on the store shelves in front of them.Now the online retail giant has locked down a