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Use Feedforward to Make Performance a Partnership

You may not like getting feedback, but you can’t deny its importance. Receiving robust feedback – even when it’s negative in nature – is a key driver of performance and leadership effectiveness. And when people
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Walmart's partnership with Waymo is a backhanded swipe at Amazon

Waymo has a new partnership with Walmart that may just look like a deal to put more self-driving cars on the road. But in the words of Jafar from Aladin, things are not always what they seem. Waymo, a subsidiary of Google parent company Alphabet,
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Recruitology Lands Partnership With Las Vegas Review-Journal

It’s not exactly the New York Times, but Recruitology has landed a deal that will make it the job board solutions provider for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the city’s largest newspaper. Checkout the new career site here. “
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City of Orlando did not renew surveillance partnership with Amazon

The City of Orlando is no longer using Amazon to surveil its residents (for now). The Orlando Police Department and the city issued a joint statement today that announced they were no longer using Rekognition, Amazon's deep-learning technology that
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Lawmakers send bipartisan letter to Google asking it to end partnership with Huawei

Google's got mail. Lawmakers from the Senate and House sent a letter today to Google boss Sundar Pichai asking him to reconsider the company's relationship with Chinese smartphone company Huawei. The letter argued that the relationship posed a
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Netflix partnered with Telltale Games on 'Minecraft' and 'Stranger Things' projects

We can all stop asking who will be the first to launch "the Netflix of games." We have our answer now, and that answer is... Netflix! Slow down, it's not as big a splash as you might think. Netflix reached out to Mashable to clarify some of the
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People are tweeting the stories of how they met their partners and it's super sweet

It's a question as old as time itself, but one that truly never gets old — "How did you two meet?" One curious tweeter posed this question to the internet, asking followers to share their stories of how they met their partners. And, boy, did
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The Future of Human-Machine Partnerships in Business and Everyday Life - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM DELL TECHNOLOGIES

Will technology cost jobs in the long run, or increase them? Who is set up best for success in the fourth industrial revolution? In this edition of Trailblazers, a podcast series brought to you by Dell Technologies, we investigate the future of
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Lyft Business partnerships keep growing, but Uber still dominates for business travelers

The rivalry between Lyft and Uber isn't letting up anytime soon.  The two ride-hailing apps keep a close eye on new product features and growth into new industries: when Uber started a commuter benefits program, Lyft was right behind them. Same
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'Solo: A Star Wars Story' partners with the best brand possible: Solo cups

There is no victory sweeter than landing a great branding partnership. Lucasfilm announced Tuesday that it will be partnering with six different companies to promote the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, including Denny's, Nissan, Esurance,