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These hardworking crows are being trained to pick up park trash

Humans, I'm disappointed in you. Clean up your shit. Otherwise, a team of crows may have to do it for you. At Puy du Fou park in France, park managers recently decided to train a team of crows to pick up trash left behind by humans. The crows will
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Move over, Tink: Disney will send robot stunt doubles flying into parks

Even in The Happiest Place on Earth, robots are stealing our jobs.  Disney's new "Stuntronics" – robotic aerial stunt performers – are capable of flying through the air, performing acrobatic tricks and striking snap-worthy poses,
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Hawaii's Kilauea volcano doesn't usually explode, but now experts are ready for the worst

It's common for plumes of steam to drift from the summit of the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, as hundreds of curious visitors peer onto a blackened, lava-covered land.  But rangers have now closed down most the park, as top
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Park Service to raise fees in 117 parks, but that still won't solve its looming problem

The National Park Service decided Thursday that it will raise fees at 117 national park sites, but the increases are quite modest compared to the previous proposal. Facing a more than $11 billion backlog in the upkeep of national parks, Interior
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Seal no longer allowed to take cat naps in the park

It's tough work to find that perfect sunbathing spot by the water, but this Australian fur seal will have to look for another one. Dubbed "Sealvester," a neighbourhood seal has been blocked from its go-to nap spot in the eastern Sydney suburb of
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Avengers attractions are coming to Disneyland parks around the world

Some of Marvel's most popular superheroes are coming to Disneyland. SEE ALSO: 'Avengers: Infinity War' trailer is here with all your faves Disney Parks announced that new Avengers-themed attractions will be coming to three different Disneyland parks
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The map of where drones can’t be flown in the U.S. [interactive map]

From:   By: Kate Rinsema Via: The map of where drones can’t be flown in the U.S. [interactive map]
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Vinod Khosla blames costly demands for Martins Beach trial

From:   By: Peter Fimrite Via: Vinod Khosla blames costly demands for Martins Beach trial - SFGate
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Baboons Trade Morning Favors for All-Day Payoffs

From: Via: RT @AskWhyCampaign: #Gratitude is a powerful tool. Even baboons know it! A simple way to #Influence. #startup @