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15 pieces of unconventional parenting advice from Arrested Development's unforgettable mom

Mother's Day is fast approaching and with it the opportunity to say 'thank you' to the incredible moms who nurtured us, raised us, and shaped us.  (Really, you should say thank you to your mother every day, but especially on Mother's Day.) SEE
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How 'returnships' help women in tech get back to work after a parenting break

This column is part of a series called "Voices of Women in Tech," created in collaboration with, a global enterprise that supports women in technical fields, as well as the organizations that employ them and the academic institutions
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Michelle Obama shared the perfect parenting metaphor for Trump's White House

No, Michelle Obama isn't running for president — but she does have some thoughts about the guy who's taken up residency in her old home.  While speaking at the Simmons Leadership Conference in Boston on Thursday, the former first
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Parenting An Entrepreneur – This Folktale Will Teach Your Children To Create Something From Nothing

A version of this article previously appeared Forbes. Marcia Brown’s 1947 retelling of the classic French folktale Stone Soup is a de facto playbook for how to start a venture. In Ms. Brown’s version of this oft-told tale
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The three things holding women back at work

From: Via: The three things holding women back at work looked around a boardroom and wondered where all the women are? Me too.
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24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing

From:   By: Tanner Ringerud Via: 24 People Who Are Nailing This Parenting Thing: 1, 15, 20, 22
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Useful Science

From: Via: A group of Canadian grad students have created a website that elegantly summarizes scientific findings. It's genius.
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Clare Boothe Luce’s Advice to Her 18-Year-Old Daughter | Brain Pickings

From: Via: These are the good old days now. Source: Don’t worry about
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Fatherhood Episode 12: The Stages

From: Via: A parent? Check out @HankAzaria's documentary Fatherhood: (All web based, free) #awesomehi, there!Sign Up • LoginWhat's
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Five Ways to Nurture Talent (Without Being a Psycho Parent)

From:   By: Daniel Coyle Via: Five ways to nurture talent (without being a psycho parent), by @DanielCoyle: http