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Panera Bread exposed millions of customer records because LOL security

Here's your daily reminder there's no such thing as true security. Panera Bread, the beloved St. Louis-based bakery chain, is the latest company to show how much it doesn't care about protecting customer data. SEE ALSO: Hackers steal credit card
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Panera wants you to get engaged at Panera, and everyone's wondering why?

Nothing screams romance like a bread-bowl filled with creamy tomato soup. At least, that's what Panera Bread wants you to believe. SEE ALSO: Dad jokes are the best jokes, as proven by MoonPie's Twitter The fast casual dining chain announced a
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Fast-food workers give awesome advice about what not to eat

Don’t even think about ordering that Burger King veggie burger.The modern fast-food restaurant is a chamber of culinary horrors, employees confirm. Employees of fast-food companies jumped into Reddit to offer crucial advice on limp munchies. The 127