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All the times we watched awkward sex scenes with our parents

Awkwardly watching a sex scene with your parents is a tradition almost as old as the teen sex comedy itself. With Universal Pictures' Blockers in theaters today, we couldn't help reminiscing about the most awkward experiences we've had with our
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People really did gather to say 'wow' together like Owen Wilson

Now this is a story that'll make you go "wow." Fans of the Owen Wilson meme gathered in Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia on Monday afternoon, as part of an event organised by a Facebook page called Owen Wilson Wowposting. SEE ALSO: Everyone
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Thousands of people are apparently gathering to say 'wow' like Owen Wilson

First, people gathered in public places to scream like Goku.  Now, they're turning it down a notch, instead meeting up to quietly say "wow" like Owen Wilson. SEE ALSO: Avocado wedding proposals are the trend we didn't ask for Thousands of
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4 exciting Australian startups to watch in 2016

2015 was a big year for Australian startups — the government decided it wanted an "ideas boom," announcing a A$1.1 billion (US$799 million) innovation fund, and Sydney-based software darling Atlassian went public in a big way.Startup fever has hit