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Axis Communications Introduces HDTV Network Camera

Axis Communications introduces an outstanding network camera with true HDTV performance in compliance with the SMPTE standard in resolution, color representation and frame rate. AXIS Q1755 Network Camera connected to an HDTV monitor is the perfect
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UFO V51 Gaming Solution Cooling for Gamers!

GlacialTech announced the launch of  UFO V51 range of CPU coolers for the high-end AMD CPUs, designed for gaming and other high I/O applications. Sporting a UFO like design, the UFO V51 coolers are made up of two 92mm ultra silent fans, four
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SMART Introduces New Generation of Interactive Whiteboard System

SMART Technologies announces the third generation SMART BoardTM 600i interactive whiteboard system. The new product line offers two screen formats - widescreen (16:10 aspect ratio) and standard (4:3 aspect ratio). Each model in the improved 600i
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Green Inititatives

Captain Dayalu Arasappa shares the best practices that are implemented at TESCO HSC to save energy in all forms. Rain water harvesting, Solar water heaters and VAV ( variable air volume) etc are the tools used to conserve our natural resources
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Cleaning up had not been so lucrative!

While the market spirits are battered down by the global credit crisis, The Carbon Emissions Market has steadily moved up in significance in the recent years. This is the result of various international regulatory efforts to mitigate global climate
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Environment friendly practices

  An in depth article of how an organisation can go about setting up and continuing the energy efficiency practices from Mr. N.M.Jai Bharath,Senior Manager, Plant Engineering, Kennametal India Limited,   Excerpts:
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Micro financing a brighter future

It's so convenient to talk about environment protection, yet it is such a tough task to balance development without creating a huge ecological disaster. Lighting for the poor Thankfully  Printed Brochure is an important
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Case for implementation of Eco-Friendly Laws and Policies

Wealth generation by way of conservation and efficient utilization of energy and resources is something which is entirely in our control and easily implementable.   Sunil Sood,  President,IAEMP     In the
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Make a difference

Go ahead.....Create a MOVEMENT of energy conservation in every individual.   Nation and ceo   All CEOs today have a role to play in society. Each CEO also feels proud to be associated with some social program to help the
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Grand Opening of Edimax Networking Home Solution

EDIMAX has launched the integrative concept of the 'Networking Home Solution' with the objective that all future digital household products will be connected, managed and shared through one simple interface. The concept of Networking Home