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AirLive Launches the Most Interference Resistant Access Points

AirLive announced 2 latest additions, WL-5470POE and WH-5420CPE to their awards winning Access Points, featuring AirLive new Clear Signal Technology - an anti-interference filter that produces a clear signal transmission for stronger signal coverage
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Reva i Car : Test Drive + Own it..

  REVA is very safe and reliable to drive. It consists of Power Pack beneath the seats. This lowers REVA's center of gravity, provides high stability and improves maneuverability. Side impact beams, a specially developed steel frame and
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L'oréal Paris Introduces Men Expert Vitalift Double Action Moisturizer

L'Oreal Paris extends their Men Expert range by introducing the new Men Expert VITALIFT DOUBLE Action moisturizer. Men need moisturizers and hydrators as much as women. Using a moisturizer at least once a day is essential to hydrate and
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Hyundai Launches Stylish i20

c launched its latest model - the i20, a premium compact car for its discerning Indian costumers. The premium i20 hatch is a significant addition to the new generation of Hyundai vehicles identified by the 'i' prefix. Designed to meet the
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Nuance Makes it Easier to Achieve at Least One New Year’s Resolution for 2009

Nuance Communications announced several tips aimed at helping people achieve at least one New Year's resolution for 2009: getting organized, both at home and in the office. The time and cost of organizing paper clutter can be surprisingly quick
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REBI Launches “Property Guru” - Comprehensive Property Magazine

Real Estate Bank India (REBI) launched "Property Guru" - India's only comprehensive magazine for all realty requirements. Property Guru will be the only monthly magazine to offer a comprehensive approach to residential and commercial
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SocialTwist Launches Premium Version of Social Share Button Tell-a-Friend (TAF)

SocialTwist has added a powerful new dimension in the brand marketer's armory with the latest premium version of its very popular social share button Tell-a-Friend (TAF). TAF is developed by Pramati Technologies. TAF has been installed on more
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eBay India Motors Launches PriceBook for Consumers

eBay India Motors announced the launch of the innovative eBay PriceBook - India's first ever used cars & bikes guide for consumers available on mobile. Mr. Ambareesh Murty, Country Manager, eBay India and Mr. Ashish Shah, Head - eBay India
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The PedEgg™ --- From TeleBrands ( India).

Telebrands India launches The PedEggTM is the revolutionary foot file, that makes your feet feel smooth and healthy. This product is made from high quality stainless steel with micro-files can be sterilised to ensure 100% safe on your skin. It does
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Tom Ford Presents a Spectrum of Eyewear!

Tom Ford presents a collection of twenty-nine eyewear frames for men and women. Offering a complete, and diverse, spectrum of optical and sunglass frames, the collection bears all the hallmarks of the Tom Ford house: its sophisticated and