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Harness These 3 Drivers to Change Your Culture

There are several approaches to changing cultural norms in an organization, however, the actual transformation comes from its people doing something unique, adopting new behaviors, changing the way they solve
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For the Good of the Organization You Need to Be a Little Machiavellian

In our workplaces, as in society at large, we try hard to create open, transparent, meritocratic structures. Our increasing success can blind us to some nagging obstacles. We can persuade ourselves that we are creating new utopias: workplaces in
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Top Organizations Do Pay Differently From Everyone Else

In the latest “Compensation Best Practices Report,” which gathered responses from 7,100 respondents on their pay practices, PayScale – the company where I work – took a look at what really sets top performers apart. In
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Tips for Sourcers to Become More Organized

Being well organized is a trait that we all think we have, however when we really see someone organized we are quick to call someone OCD. Good organizational habits are great habits to have and to adopt. If you haven’t...
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Society Is Holding Organizations and Leaders Accountable For Their Culture

We are experiencing a historic shift in how people view the importance of culture and culture change. As a result, most CEOs and other top leaders will be expected to understand and deal with culture challenges proactively, or they will be...
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Everything You Wanted to Know About Pulse Surveys

Many organizations and survey software providers use the terms “employee pulse surveys” and “always-on survey” (or variations of always-on, such as “continuous feedback” or “real-time feedback”)
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The first law of organizational thermodynamics

Energy is either created or destroyed. Newton was right about physics, but in organizations and cultures, the opposite is true. You're either the person who creates energy. Or you're the one who destroys it. You might be the one who...  
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A Values-Based Culture

“If ‘vision’ embodies the head of your organization, and ‘mission’ personifies the heart, then ‘values” symbolize the soul. Every organization can cite its vision and mission statements, but few recognize