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A Values-Based Culture

“If ‘vision’ embodies the head of your organization, and ‘mission’ personifies the heart, then ‘values” symbolize the soul. Every organization can cite its vision and mission statements, but few recognize
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The New Business-Driven Approach to Employee Experience

Human resources is experiencing a massive shift. For years, organizations have relied on a single annual engagement survey to collect feedback from employees. These surveys have become a ritual for many companies, and a lucrative industry has sprung
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Lessons from SAP’s Journey: Three Actionable Ways to Increase Women in Management

Organizations continue to struggle to create gender equality in the workplace, especially those in the technology industry. According to research from LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Co., for every 100 U.S. women promoted to manager, 130 men
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The Expectant Non-Profit: A Guide for Navigating the Healthy Growth of Organizations

“Non-profit organizations can be fragile things. In the beginning, they need a lot of tender loving care. But just because you make it out of that first rough year, don’t expect smooth sailing. Fewer than 50% of all non-profits make it
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Creating a Culture Where Upper Management Admits Imperfection

Note: This is the 5th in a series of occasional articles on workforce optimization. The first, “Is Workforce Optimization the Missing Piece to Your Organization’s Success?” discusses how and why the most successful organizations
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How to Prepare Managers to Talk About Pay

Of all the topics organizations need to talk about, you’d think they’d be most effective about communicating compensation. After all, although you hope that employees love their jobs, they work to earn money — to pay their mortgage
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Millennials And Gen Z Are The New Bosses Of The Boardroom

Millennials and Gen Z are taking over the boardroom. Their purchasing power and influence is growing and in order for corporations to succeed they must get familiar with the demographic.
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There Are Two Types of Performance — but Most Organizations Only Focus on One

From:   By: Lindsay McGregor Neel Doshi Via: There Are Two Types of