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Nurture the Intrapreneur Within

People management in the SMBs has not always been on their top priority list. The importance of People management has long been ignored by many. This has lead to a lot of instability in smaller organizations where financial constraints already exist
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Clear the Weeds

Organisations are made up of people and it is the people who make a system work.   The differentiating factor in today’s competitive business environment is employee productivity. Customer acquisition and retention in the long run
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Under the shade of the MindTree

Here is a company that practices everything that it preaches. Recently MindTree was in the news for its lecture series and ‘Ping Me’ helpdesk on some of the burning topics in IT. The moment you enter MindTree office, you feel the
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Succession Planning

Succession planning is crucial for HR managers seeking to retain talent within the firm. Some true horror stories:   1.  A person, let's say ‘N', became the CMD of a dynamic Rs100 crore telecom company. He had
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Collaborative Settings

Team Talk “‘Team’ and ‘struggle’ are two words I hear a lot,” says a researcher who has listened to managers, facility planners, and team members from a diverse group of companies talk about their efforts to
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Outline of organizational designs & structures and linkage to innovation

Talking of innovation, it needs to be noted that when applied in the organizational context, the term innovation cannot be used to describe individual instances that are more the exception than the rule. Innovation needs to be institutionalized