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Transforming Business—Successfully

“Enterprises everywhere are experiencing the ‘business outcome gap.’ The business outcome gap can be defined as the difference between desired business outcomes and realized business outcomes. Desired outcomes are changing in
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The Customer Room: Grow Your Business by Improving Customers’ Lives

“The Customer Room is the glue that unites a leadership team to focus and improve customers’ lives to earn the right to growth. Building a customer room to step leaders and the organization through your customers’ lives and walk in
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How Nash Equilibrium Guides Competitive Strategy

John Nash became a household name thanks to the Hollywood movie A Beautiful Mind. He died tragically in a car crash on 23rd May. Fortunately his contribution to Game Theory, for which he was awarded Nobel Prize in 1994, lives on. I have
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Telling the truth with charts

A chart tells a story. Explain what's happening in a way that's understood, in a useful, clear presentation that's true. But too many charts fail at this simple but difficult task. Consider this chart of the frightening decline in
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How to Be A More Organized Business Owner

One little known fact about chaos: it’s contagious. It may feel like just one little unopened email here, or one piece of out-of-place paper there, but—before you know it—your entire workspace is infected! Luckily my potent
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Managing product launch

So you launched a product recently, which resulted in impressive sales leads and perhaps positive coverage. Fast-forward to four weeks later and now what? How do you keep that momentum alive with more sales opportunities as well as obtaining
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PR Is A Passion Play That Cannot Be Outsourced

A version of this article previously appeared in the Wall Street Journal. You have been planning to ask your long-time partner to marry you for...The post PR Is A Passion Play That Cannot Be Outsourced appeared first on John
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The law and unintended consequences

From: Via: RT @TheEconomist: Software "back doors" mandated by the good guys are just as open to the bad guys…
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Two Small, but Powerful, Strategies You Could be Missing Today

From: Via: New INSIDE INFLUENCE REPORT: Two Small, but Powerful, Strategies You Could be Missing Today @scienceofyes 2 Comments
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The 2 X business growth jigsaw – how many P’s? 10 and counting!!

Having been brought up over much of our corporate careers on a diet of aggressive growth, breakthrough approaches, innovative ways of market creation or changing the rules of the game and striving for market leadership with a no excuses strategy and