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Block and tackle execution in an era of rapid innovation

I had an email exchange recently with an individual who is an advisor in our work. It started with my sending him an email referring to a person I had come across - a polymath who exhibited interest and hands-on work in areas far from his chosen
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Companies should be careful about not getting people to choose between culture and results: Ashok Soota

For leaders, the choice should not be about deciding between how much time they spend focusing on results versus pursuing happiness. The element of happiness needs to be incorporated in everything they do, Ashok Soota tells Sangeeta Tanwar
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A Billion Dollar Sale, And A Few Questions

From:   By: Abhinav Agarwal Via: A Billion Dollar Sale, And A Few Questions via @dna @
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Book Extract: Integration is never easy

LEADING WITH STRATEGIC THINKING: FOUR WAYS EFFECTIVE LEADERS GAIN INSIGHT, DRIVE CHANGE, AND GET RESULTSAuthor: Aaron K Olson, B. Keith SimersonPublisher: WileyISBN: 9788126556915Price: Rs 499In early 2005, Procter
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Self cleaning

My friend Lisa is fascinated by the self-cleaning oven. In principle, it takes care of itself, an ongoing cycle of productivity. One button gets it dirty, then another button cleans it right up. Even better, consider the camera that
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Becoming More Resourceful

The Becoming More Resourceful IQ Matrix explores how to work through any problem successfully by tapping into your inner reservoir of resources. However, this is more than just about making the most of your skills and abilities. This is also about
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When Do You Need A Strategy Consultant?

There is rarely a CEO or entrepreneur who has never felt the need for advice. The majority, however, do not engage consultants. They try and figure things out by themselves, sometimes not so well. In my consulting experience of nearly
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Google Penalties: What your B2B & B2C Business Needs to Know

Google Penalties: What your B2B & B2C Business Needs to Know (An Interview with Vertical Measures) Are you doing inbound or content marketing at your company? Have you been creating a ton of content but just don’t seem to be moving the SEO
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Ready To Leave Your Job?

There comes a point in every career when you decide you are ready to leave your current position. Handling your exit gracefully can be tricky. Watch this video to make sure you end things on a positive note by knowing such things as the correct
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Customers feast on great service

How much would you pay for an egg?  Fifty cents?  Two dollars?   How about $6,000? That’s how much it cost one restaurant in Newport Beach which refused to honor a customer’s request.  Not through legal action,