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How Unified Technology Platforms Can Improve Airline Operations

The notion that better technology can help airlines deliver on their respective brand promises and even deliver improved financials can help reframe the conversation about investing in integrated tech platforms.
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Enhance your likeability level

No matter what business you think you are in, you are in the people business.  And the more people like you, the better and easier life becomes.It's that simple.  Likeability can get you where you want to go - whether it's a promotion at
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Strong corporate culture is a boon to business

In 1788 Edward Gibbon set forth in his famous book, "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire," five basic reasons why that great civilization withered and died.  They were:1.  The undermining of the dignity and sanctity of the home, which is
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Cookies To Humans: Implications Of Identity Systems On Incentives!

From:   By: Avinash Kaushik Via: [My new post!] Cookies To Humans
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Apple responds to peoples tweets with entire commercials

From: Mashable By Patrick Kulp Recommended by: Mashable When it comes to fielding customer service questions on Twitter, most companies are content to respond with a simple at-reply.But Apple is thinking different.The Cupertino
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Blow-Up Your Diversity Approach and Maximize Business Results With Customer Reflection Diversity

 This “think piece” is designed to stimulate your thinking about diversity Why Your Firm Needs to Target Diversity in Sales, Servic,e & Product Development Research studies have shown that diversity can result in as much as a
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Building Your Service Culture

In this interview, CEM Global speaks to Jeff Eilertsen, VP Client Success and Global Service Education at UP! Your Service, to talk about how companies can build an optimized service that increases efficiency. Discover his answers below. What
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Corporate Recruiters: Who Is Your Customer?

Who is your customer? If you’re a corporate recruiter, you’d probably say the hiring manager, or maybe the candidate. But, I want to challenge us to think differently about the idea of “customer” in the context of providing
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Sonia Sethi: The 5Cs of infrastructure PPPs

From: Buisness-standard By Sonia Sethi Recommended by: business-standard The correlation between greater spend on infrastructure and high economic growth has been well-established. Whether the relationship is causal or not, it is
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5 genius tactics to help your small business appear more robust

From: Mashable By HP Australia Recommended by: Mashable Image: pixabay“Fake it ‘til you make it.” It’s an approach used – and often, used quite effectively — in the business world.The success of this mindset all comes down to