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Capturing customer’s perception in true spirits

You may recall the times when you have been asked to give Customer Feedback.  It could be in a restaurant, a health resort / clinic, vehicle service station or even in business by your suppliers. The feed back is either sought for the
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Customer’s Influence on Quality

Do customers play a role in the Quality of Products and Processes? It is a clear "Yes" for sure in a Business to Business environment and we see how customers demand quality certifications from their suppliers, be it ISO 9001 or SEI CMM
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Rajesh Exports to launch 24K Retail & Bangalore Infra

... to managing and expanding retail and commencing infrastructure development, it has launched two 100 percent subsidiaries called 24K Retail and Bangalore Infra. ... Reported by on 12th Dec 2006 Read More .
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Visual Factory

When I first learnt about the concept of visual factory, I was fascinated. A very simple concept, needs few words to explain; yet something which can make a great impact.  In our factory, we have begun working on this with a goal of
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As the name suggests, Productivity tools are used to increase productivity. There is a huge spurt in these tools of late and serves in all fields viz. bug tracking, Word processing, mild calculation to complex ones, drawing, database organization,
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The life of an AC system is mostly governed by the following factors:   * Usage Pattern: The no. of hours the AC system is operated   *Preventive Maintenance: ensuring that coils are kept clean, corrosion is kept under
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Rework Galore

Is there a day you went out of your house and didn't see any repair or rework being carried out or something waiting to being mended or repaired?   Sad, but our home land seems to be a place where things are always falling apart,
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To Err Is Human

To err is human is a cliché which has been flogged to death. Very true; though what is important for modern management is to realize this fact and act on it.  If to err is human, to realize this fact and to act on it is the role of
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Listen to Your Customer

If you take a flight around mid day in a domestic airline in India, you are almost sure of getting a good meal.  I wonder how they keep the enthusiasm levels of the hosts in the aircraft so high Even on a half an hour flight, they give you
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Introduction to Lean - Part 2

Six Sigma is a well know term today, but another very powerful initiative is Lean. There are many companies which have adopted lean techniques and in many organizations just like in ours, the sigma training curriculum has lean concepts and tools as