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Why do most strategies fail to lift a company’s fortunes?

In my last month’s post I had written about the importance of insight in shaping effective strategy. Besides lack of insight, strategies fail for two other reasons. One, managers often confuse strategy with outcomes. And two,
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Innovation and Adaptability of Family business

The article below provokes family businesses to revisit their philosophy of business and invites them to think on innovating and adapting to the changing trends to improve their profitability.
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‘Does your Company have an effective strategy?’

Last month I had asked if you could articulate your strategy briefly. You can do that only if you have one. Do you?  Managers may answer in the affirmative yet most firms struggle with strategy. Sustained superior profitability is the
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What is a Dashboard Report?

From: Recommended by: John Dsouza  By: Dashboard Don Dashboards and their interaction with data in today's organizations. Dashboards can be considered an entry point to
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Can you say what your strategy is?

In the HBR article by that title David Collis and Michael Rukstad propose that a short statement ensures clarity and employee alignment. Objective, scope, and advantage are its three components. Objective. Strategy must have a specific end in
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Strategy Ain't What it Used to Be

Strategic planning is an annual event, right? It must be, because according to a recent Harvard BusinessReview article, almost nine out of 10 executives said their companies developed annual strategic plans. Moreover, they
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Call Till You Get the Right Person

When you need some help/information/service, you call the relevant customer care number. The receiver will provide the desired assistance. That’s what you think. That’s what you hope. Till you hear his/her voice on the other end. You
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How to spend the first hour of your business day??

How does our business day start?, making those urgent phone calls? checking all the emails that you forgot to check/reply? or getting down to prioritising and initiating work due for the day. The link below is an excellent compendium of how
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Should YOU Spend Your Time and Money in a Networking Group

There are many reasons why people join networking groups. The most obvious – and what makes them remain in these same groups year after year – is that the relationships they make in these groups lead to their getting more
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How to reduce freight and logistics costs?

The Indian freight industry is quite big and there are multiple claims on the size over INR 150000 crores per annum. The multi modes of freight movement viz air, sea, rail and surface totally constitute the revenues mentioned earlier. Of this air is