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The War for Talent is Dead: Is Open Source the Future of HR?

For the most part, the HR and recruiting industry has historically treated our work as strictly confidential. Outside of conferences or between individual colleagues we seldom see companies actively sharing their secrets for success or lessons
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Wall Street, Meet Block Chain

From:   By: Adam Ludwin Via: Block Chain as the financial cloud de-couples financial infrastructure from products/services
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From: Via: RT @BangaloreJS: New hacker school in Bangalore finishing school for programmersLet the geekery begin!ProgramThe GEEKSKOOL
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The Best Sources for Identifying ‘Passives’ … or How to Find “Not-Looking Top Prospects’

In a related companion article last week, I highlighted why using the term “passive candidate” or “passive job seeker” was inappropriate and I proposed a more accurate name, “not-looking top prospects.” In this article I highlight the best sourcing
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Blockstream: A Champion of Bitcoin’s Core Values

From: Via: Blockstream: A Champion of Bitcoin’s Core Values | Blockstream; Excited to be an investor someone with some community
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Search Is Hard.

From: Via: RT @ajeets: We @thoughtspot are all in on UX. Check out our blog @ireneau @rabois @vkhosla
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With Enlitic, a veteran data scientist plans to fight disease using deep learning

From:   By: Derrick Harris Via: RT @nealkhosla: - Will deep learning change the way we do medicine?
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Big Data May Mimic, Replace Brain

From: Via: Doctors' opinions, are often "based on a series of biases that are more often right than wrong," ...but still biased Not
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The Open World, gives us a chance to rebuild our institutions.

Today we are surrounded by technology, which is rapidly changing the way we do things, without us even realising it. With the ability to share information easily and the ability to collaborate, there is a wonderful opportunity for us to change the
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What lessons can "green" computing learn from open source?

Q. What lessons can "green" computing learn from open source- A. Steven Chu, the current US Energy Secretary indicated in an interview that open source software will help cut down on global warming. He says that global co-operation on technology