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Accenture Is Using Tech to Make Onboarding a Personal Experience

Normally I think of onboarding along two dimensions: efficiently handling the administrative work and welcoming a person onto the team so they can be effective. Onboarding, even the basic administrative work, can be hard to do, and technology can
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How and Why to Make Onboarding a Strategic Priority

For several years, organizations viewed the process of onboarding new hires as the automation of required tasks like completing paperwork, and then it was often up to the new employee to integrate into their new surroundings. But focusing on
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If Your Onboarding Program Means Filling Out Papers, Say Goodbye to Your New Hire

There is no time period more paramount to an employee’s career than onboarding, yet so many companies are failing at the process. With up to 30% of new hires quitting in their first six months and 22% leaving in the...
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Gamify Your Onboarding and See Retention and Engagement Improve

Businesses are always looking to hire and retain great talent. However, a business’ growth and success are not always enough to retain its employees. On average, businesses lose 23% of all new employees within one year of joining. Some, more...
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The Case For Making Onboarding a Yearlong Experience

The onboarding process is often a disjointed set of events that is partially owned by different areas of HR and the business, leaving the new employee feeling discouraged and frustrated. With partial-process owners across talent acquisition, HR
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3 Challenges to Successful Onboarding

Effectively incorporating new employees can be a challenging task for HR and managers alike. Back when the majority of new hires were expected to stay with the company for the long haul, traditional orientation programs consisted of a brief
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The Desk Is Kinda Small, the Office Is Cramped, But There’s a Stunning View In This New Onboarding Video

In a new, memorable onboarding video, current employees give incoming employees advice (“don’t talk for your first three years”), warn them that “you got a ton of work ahead of you,” and give new employees a sneak
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The Advantages of Moving HR to the Cloud

In employers’ fight to become truly digital businesses and create cultures of innovation, HR teams are on the front line. But while tasked with hiring and onboarding candidates with future-proof skills, many of their own operations remain
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How You Treat Rejected Candidates Can Have A Big Impact

Candidate experience will continue to be a major topic for companies and organizations for many years to come. Ensuring job candidates have a great experience starts with the job post and the ease of applying and continues straight through to