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Your daily smile: Lionel Messi stuns reporter who gave him a good luck charm

Lionel Messi and the Argentina national men's soccer team squeaked by Nigeria and into the knock-out round of the World Cup on Tuesday in very dramatic fashion.  But it seems he had a little help thanks to a gift from a reporter: an amulet from
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'This Is Nigeria' masterfully reframes Childish Gambino's epic video for a different audience

Folarin Falana, better known as the Nigerian rapper Falz, did something with Childish Gambino's incisive "This Is America" music video that no one else has managed: He deconstructed it and rebuilt it for his home audience. "This Is America" presents
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No girl's period should force her to miss school, and this startup is making sure of that

Growing up as a young girl in Nigeria, Folasade Bamisaye didn't have access to sanitary pads or tampons. She would cut off parts of her foam mattress, or use scraps of clothing—sometimes even parts of her school uniform.  Bamisaye's lack
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82 Chibok schoolgirls released in Nigeria

From: Via: This helps start the week on a +ve note.The world had forgotten about them.But there is room in the world for
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Six Ways I Built A Career Traveling The World In My 20s

At 27, I have almost a decade of meaningful international experience. I’ve worked professionally in more than a dozen countries, including Mongolia, South Africa, Turkey, Qatar, and Nigeria, and now I’m part of the international operations team of a
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Facebook brings Coca-Cola ads to Nigeria with a cool solution to low bandwidth

Facebook has a problem: to exist, it needs to serve ads to users — the more with video, the better. But what happens when the users are in countries like India, Nigeria and the Phillippines, where video hogs expensive bandwidth that few people can
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We’re counting the world’s unconnected billions all wrong

From:   By: Leo Mirani Via: We’re counting the world’s unconnected billions all wrong
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What’s So Scary About Smart Girls?

From:   By: NICHOLAS KRISTOF Via: "There's no force more powerful to transform a society” than "educating girls and