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Pornhub traffic flopped like Neymar during the World Cup

The World Cup is over — congratulations, France — but don't despair and roll around on the ground like Neymar after a phantom foul. Instead, revel in some of the strange and wonderful stats we can pore over thanks to Pornhub. While most
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Vladimir Putin's lonely World Cup umbrella is ripe for an internet roasting

The World Cup may be over now, but at least it left us with plenty of memories. Sweet, sweet, viral memories. Neymar's divingIt's coming home. Macron's ecstatic fist pump. The list goes on. The final, crowning jewel has to be Vladimir Putin's
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These kids training to play soccer like Neymar in the World Cup all deserve an A+

When you're practicing your soccer skills, it's important to cover all the basics: passing, tackling, dribbling, shooting.. and, of course, Neymar-ing.  SEE ALSO: This 1 photo perfectly sums up just how obsessed England is with the World Cup
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Japan and its fans give us the classiest World Cup exit we could hope for

While Monday's World Cup action gave us some typical Neymar antics, it also delivered a bittersweet moment of class. It happened following Japan's heartbreaking loss to Belgium.  SEE ALSO: Someone brought an IRL World Cup meme to a soccer match
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Neymar's World Cup dive gives us the top-notch memes we've been waiting for

Brazilian soccer star Neymar and terrible flops are a combination that we can always expect when his team hits the pitch — and he did not disappoint on Monday. SEE ALSO: Belgian World Cup player kicks ball right into his face Neymar's penchant