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New Zealand female soccer players will be paid the same as men

New Zealand has taken a huge step when it comes to equality in sport. The country's chief footballing organisation, New Zealand Football, and the New Zealand Professional Footballers' Association (NZPFA) have come to an agreement which will see
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New Zealand's so sick of being left off maps they've launched an entire ad campaign

New Zealand is continually omitted from maps of the world. Seriously, there's an entire Reddit thread highlighting examples of the country being completely wiped from global existence.  Also known as Aotearoa or "the land of the long white
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New Zealand bans new offshore oil exploration to tackle climate change

New Zealand's oil and gas industry is a sizeable part of the country's economy, but it'll be stopping all new offshore exploration to address climate change. "There will be no further offshore oil and gas exploration permits granted," Prime Minister
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New Zealand's privacy commissioner is also done with Facebook

The past few days have seen brands and personalities quit Facebook, and now New Zealand's privacy commissioner has joined the fore. In a post for The Spinoff, John Edwards explains what was once a place to kill time on Farmville and catch up with
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Corruption of science: Why are governments not banning Monsanto's Roundup?

From: Buisness-standard By Sunita Narain Recommended by: business-standard There is one chemical that is igniting much fuss these days — legislators in New Zealand want it banned; South African leaders are asking why they are
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Facebook's data-saving Android app is coming to the U.S.

Facebook is finally bringing one of its most popular apps to the U.S. Facebook Lite, the company's data-conserving Android app, originally created for developing markets, will launch in the U.S. on Friday, Reuters reports. The app will also become
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Apparently impressed by their appetite for mornings, company offers thieves a 'job'

Theft is never fun, but thankfully some people see some humour in it. A New Zealand business called Smith Crane & Construction put up a Facebook post on Tuesday to find the people who stole their tools on Saturday morning — so they can
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New Zealand's prime minister looks like the lead of a crime show in her Vogue shoot

It's somewhat rare for New Zealand politicians to attract global attention, but Jacinda Ardern's star continues to rise. The current New Zealand Prime Minister is featured in the March issue of Vogue, where she's been labelled the "anti-Trump,"
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Lorde thanked New Zealand for supporting female musicians by taking out a full-page ad

Lorde may have lost Album of the Year at the Grammys, but she's not letting it stop her from giving a thank you speech.  Tuesday, the singer took out a full-page ad in The New Zealand Herald to thank the country for believing in female
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Investigation reveals that Australians didn't vote for Ferry McFerryface

When a public vote decided that Sydney's newest ferry would be named Ferry McFerryface, Australians were (understandably) annoyed.   As if our parliament wasn’t shameful enough. Ferry McFerryface is deeply embarrassing. Beam me up to New