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Glassdoor Open for Business in 3 New Global Markets

I’m on record predicting the Glassdoor brand will eventually disappear in light of it being acquired by Indeed’s parent company last year. I may be right one day, but for now Glassdoor is not behaving like a brand that’s going the
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A party parrot mystery has been solved. Thank you, internet.

Sometimes, when you least expect it, the internet will solve a mystery for you.  Last year, I spent weeks looking for the creator of the original party parrot, a dancing emoji with a cult following. I went deep on Google. I spoke to the
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This strange-looking tube is actually a giant sea worm — Sharp Science

Two divers discovered this huge worm-like creature off the coast of New Zealand. At around 26 feet long, the worm is believed to be a pyrosome, which is an organism that is usually found in warm sea waters.  Read more...More about Science,
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Uh oh: Newspaper cover confuses Spike Lee for Stan Lee

We've all made a typo in our time. So has New Zealand's Gisborne Herald, who made an almighty error on the front page of its Tuesday newspaper when it commemorated the late comic book legend Stan Lee. SEE ALSO: Hugh Jackman pays an emotional tribute
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Watch Rocket Lab send its first commercial rocket to space

The private space race is heating up. U.S. and New Zealand spaceflight company Rocket Lab successfully completed its first commercial launch called "It's Business Time" on Sunday, sending seven payloads to orbit. SEE ALSO: Whatever happened to
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Lime brings electric bike and scooter sharing to Australia

Electric scooter and bike sharing company Lime has rolled into Australia, launching in Sydney on Friday. The Californian company's bright green, dockless electric vehicles have been released into the streets, with 300 e-bikes distributed through
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Welcome to the Era of Workforce Experimentation

“I am so sick of tired of these people asking during an interview about work-life balance, working from home etc. They should just concentrate on getting a job and being happy with that. So tired of them.” That statement was...
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Meghan Markle just beat Prince Harry at 'welly-wanging'

If you're not from New Zealand, chances are you've no idea what "welly-wanging" is.  It is, in fact, a simple game of who-can-throw-a-rubber-Wellington-boot-the-furthest. And apparently, Meghan Markle is really good at it.  SEE ALSO: Harry
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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern & Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee join 2018 Social Good Summit lineup

It’s not every day that you get the chance to hear from international heads of government alongside comedians, Nobel laureates, and Bollywood stars alike. But then, the Social Good Summit isn’t your everyday forum. Hosted at New York