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Kathleen Turner reveals what it's really like to experience Donald Trump's 'gross handshake'

We've watched Donald Trump dish out some painfully awkward handshakes over the years, but few know what it's like to experience it, um, firsthand. Kathleen Turner has, though. And she recently disclosed some disturbing details about the president's
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People are sending thoughts and prayers to the NRA, which says it’s in financial trouble

The NRA says it's in deep financial trouble, and a lot of Twitter isn't buying it, as evidenced by the way they've turned a rhetorical trope on its head.  SEE ALSO: Sacha Baron Cohen, crime-fighting Obama show why satire is a dying art under
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Where's the Pulitzer prize for these reviews of New York City beaches?

More than any other city on earth, New Yorkers are uniquely adept at complaining — and putting up with shit. It's what makes the city great.  New Yorkers won't settle for a mediocre piece of pizza, but they'll happily sit on rotten urine-
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This Instagram influencer started her own clothing line to promote body positivity

Ciera Rogers translated her Instagram popularity into a successful online clothing business Babes and Felines. The label features clothing for women with curvier body types that are often overlooked in the fashion industry. Filmed at Cure Thrift
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Grow microgreens at home with Kickstarter campaign the EcoQube Sprout

EcoQube from Aqua Design Innovations (ADI) is adding a new product to their already impressive lineup of self-sustaining and very low maintenance aquaponic aquariums and aquatic ecosystems. This time around the company is putting out the EcoQube
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Automobili Pininfarina appoints board of directors...

From: Via: RT @autocarpro: Automobili Pininfarina appoints board of directors to launch uber-luxury EV portfolio https://t.
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Boeing's hypersonic concept jet could fly from NYC to London in 2 hours. Eventually, that is.

A passenger jet flying at hypersonic speeds could revolutionize air travel by cutting down a transatlantic flight from New York to London from seven hours to two.  Er, theoretically, that is. Boeing is still trying to figure out how any of this
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John Krasinski got trolled by a customs agent over his marriage to Emily Blunt

Trouble seems to follow John Krasinski around. Not only has he had bagels thrown at him in New York, but he also gets stick from random customs agent who refuse to believe he's married to Emily Blunt. The former star of The Office told the latter