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Awesome Career Advice From LinkedIn's Billionaire Founder

From: Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy Everyone is an Entrepreneur, as hunter gatherer man was an Entrepreneur somewhere down the line he became labour. With this as a basis the
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The Lollipop Entrepreneur: Behavioral Styles and Motivation

Referral marketing leads to few – if any – overnight success stories. In fact, the most crucial part is building relationships, which takes a lot of time and effort. However, when you've taken the time to build the right
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How to Network With the Elephant in the Room

As those who have benefited from business networking know very well, belonging to a networking group that meets regularly helps establish and maintain relationships that can prosper for years. However, it’s almost inevitable,
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Fear of Rejection: Don’t Let It Stand in the Way of Your Success

Back in 1994 I authored the first edition of my book The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret. I was out promoting the book and trying to get bookstores to carry it. Back then, one of the ways to do that was to go to bookstores and
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The NEW Definition of Networking

Twenty years ago, I wrote the first edition of The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret. In the book, I introduced several new terms to the business community, specifically in how they applied to ways to grow a business.
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How Much Time Should You Devote to Networking?

The secret to getting more business through networking is. . . spending more time doing it! OK, well, it’s a little more complicated than that because you have to spend time doing the right things. However, devoting the necessary
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We vs. Me

While it may not single-handedly solve all the economic problems facing the world today, a new model of community and networking may well be the key to pulling the global economy out of the effects of the long-term global recession
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4 Ways to Leverage Who You Know to Grow Faster

Who you know does matter. To speed up business growth and avoid pitfalls that can stunt growth, you need multiple networks: those that provide support and those that provide connections. Often, the two overlap; sometimes they are separate.
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Networking Systems Really DO Make a Difference

The old saying that we “treasure what we measure”—and vice versa—turns out to be highly relevant in networking.   I created a survey of 12,000 men and women for one of my most recent books. As my
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  Has someone you didn’t even know ever solicited you for a referral or business? I call this “Premature Solicitation.” (Say that fast three times and you might get in trouble!)I’ve been a victim of “