Netflix lets its staff take as much holiday as they want, whenever they want - and it works

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 By: Daniel H Pink

This is a facinating article on an often contentious issue in organisations- How much leave to give and how is it tracked. Netflix formed a policy of allowing people to take leave whenever they want and as much as they want, and leave is not tracked. Did it affect Netflix performance, does not seem like it. There are some fundamental assumptions that one needs to make about people in the team to be able to make a policy like this. Do you have good people? Do you trust them to do the right thing? If the answer to these two questions is "no", then why have such people in the first place. Once we assume our people are good and trust wrothy one wonders why one should have a leave policy or for that matter any policy. Fascinating reading this article by Danial Pink.

Nobody – not employees themselves,

not managers – tracks vacation days

At Netflix, the vacation policy is audaciously simple and simply audacious. Salaried employees can take as much time off as they'd like, whenever they want to take it. Nobody – not employees themselves, not managers – tracks vacation days.

In other words, Netflix's holiday policy is to have no policy at all.

If that sounds like a recipe for anarchic stew, devoid of essential workplace nutrients such as temperance and hard work, think again. In its own way, Netflix's non-policy is more attuned to the nature of 21st century work, and even to the values of industriousness and self-discipline, than its sterner counterparts.

Back in the old days – 2004 – Netflix treated holiday.....

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