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Excel in Negotiation

How much do you lose in a failed negotiation?   It's not just the immediate value of the current deal, but the potential benefits/business that could be generated in a long term relationship.     This is called as
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Use the Mackay Sales Scalpel to Sharpen Selling Techniques

Everyone is in sales.  Why?  Because from the time we wake up until our heads hit the pillow at night, we are continually:  communicating, negotiating, persuading, influencing and selling ideas. Do you want to nail the sale?
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Negotiate Like A Car Salesman: 5 Tactics To Help You Win Every Time

Whether you want a raise, different responsibilities, or more resources, knowing how to negotiate is vital. Here are 5 (non-sleazy, promise!) tricks straight from the car lot that will help you get what you want at work.The image of the sleazy,