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Uber driver gets stuck on staircase, of course blames navigation app

An Uber driver messed up big time while picking up passengers in San Francisco. Instead of leaving a grocery store parking lot, you know, through a normal exit, the driver took the stairs. Stairs are lauded as a healthy alternative to elevators or
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New fitness tracker can tell you how much muscle, fat is your body made of

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times GPS and navigation equipment and mapping devices producer TomTom on Wednesday launched a new Rs 13,999 activity tracker, TomTom Touch, along with two other products to penetrate the
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Kanwal Toor Gill

From: Via: Yes,she had to get special permission from the Iranian authorities to participate in a male-dominated sport.. shortcuts
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Shaik Rehan Ahmed

From: Via: Well it was our privilege to honour a hero.. shortcuts are available for common actions and site navigation
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Taj Mahal New Delhi

From: Via: Haha. Keep the tremors away and I'll be 'third time lucky...' ShortcutsKeyboard shortcuts are available for common
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From: Via: RT @KauffmanFellows: Check out #KauffmanFellows @EzraMoGee candid interview with @davidhornik shortcuts are available
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Anu G

From: Via: This was the video that we were intrigued by and which made us invite Laleh over to India... ShortcutsKeyboard shortcuts
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Lesa Mitchell

From: Via: I'm not sure that the moniker is apt -- I'm not interested in taking from the rich, just in lending a helping hand
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But arent you contradicting yourself? How can you "enjoy" the movie without having your critical faculties intact?

From: Via: Existentialism is about being not just a "thinking subject,but the acting,feeling,living human individual"-Wikipedia
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Jim Stoneham

From: Via: True enough. Just booked a flight to Hawaii to do pre-Lobby planning. shortcuts are available for common actions and