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Diversion Ahead: 'Urban Naxal' narrative and many other red-herrings

From: Buisness-standard By Bharat Bhushan Recommended by: business-standard A lie has no legs but a scandal has wings – or so the old adage goes. The government knows its lie about ‘Urban Naxalites’ has no legs but the scandal
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'Handmaid's Tale' protestors march for abortion rights in Argentina

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum, indeed. In Buenos Aires, a group of protesters donned red cloaks and white bonnets like those worn in The Handmaid's Tale series, marching for abortion rights in Argentina on Wednesday. SEE ALSO: Why 'Handmaid's
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A tale from public transport may hold the key to politely retreating from conversations

What's better, to zone out of a conversation stealthily or to be up front about the fact you've stopped listening? SEE ALSO: 7 ways to transform your Netflix account into a movie lover’s dream A Twitter user shared a story Sunday that went
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Changing face of the mob: New narrative of nationalism has created dangerous public emotion

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Lynching and mob violence have escalated dramatically. A new narrative of nationalism, rejection of dissent and no compassion for ‘transgressors’ have created a dangerous new public
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Political narratives and development

From: Buisness-standard By Nitin Desai Recommended by: business-standard The narratives that politicians fashion to project their vision of the past, present and future have a profound influence on the trajectory of development.
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Why Google, Ideo, And IBM Are Betting On AI To Make Us Better Storytellers

Sharing emotion-driven narratives that resonate with other people is something humans are quite good at. We’ve been sitting around campfires telling stories for tens of thousands of years, and we still do it. One reason why is because it's an
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The Top Four Mistakes That Make Business Leaders Awful Storytellers

If "storytelling" is a common buzzword in the business world, it's for good reason—narratives make for effective communication. But the practice has become a victim of its own success. Suddenly, it's as though everyone fancies themselves "
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The dominant narrative

Life is filled with nuance. Our ability to perceive things, not so much. We come up with a story (about an organization, a person, a situation) and all the data that supports it, we notice, and the nuance we discount...    
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The Impact of Amazon's Q3 Earnings on Indian E-Commerce

From: Via: The Impact of Amazon's Q3 Earnings on Indian E-Commerce had a blockbuster 3rd Quarter and its detailed break down of
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Google maps to help cyclists find flattest route

From:   By: Sam Sexton Via: Google maps to help cyclists find flattest route is, Google