My 5 Favorite Travel Apps

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Like many of you, I find myself relying more and more on my smartphone and a little less on my laptop. That's especially true when traveling. So over the past 6 weeks, I've looked at my travel behavior and found that these 5 smartphone apps are the ones that have been most valuable to me when traveling:
1. FlightTrack ($4.99) -- I've tried most of the apps that provide information on flight times, delays, gate changes, and so forth. This one isn't perfect -- I actually prefer its simpler predecessor -- but it's still my favorite. 
2. GateGuru (Free) -- Anybody like eating at airports? Didn't think so. But sometimes we're stuck. And this app, on which you can find eateries and stores at any airport, helps make the best of a bad situation. (It has other features, too, but in my single-minded quest for food, I haven't used them).
3. Clear (£2.99) -- This is an awesomely simple To-do list app.  I rarely use it in my office, but always use it on the road. 
4. Airline apps (Free) -- Every airline now has its own app. But to my amazement, the very best one belongs to United. (United leading the way? I know. It's shocking). 
5. Dropbox (Freemium) -- Whenever I travel, Dropbox is my copilot.