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Elon Musk is arguing about a farting unicorn on Twitter. Here's why.

Who knew a farting unicorn would end up at the centre of a finger-pointing copyright storm in a teacup involving Elon Musk? The Tesla CEO has been accused of using Colorado potter Tom Edwards' design without permission, a situation which has come to
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Tesla's next software update will add fully self-driving features

Autopilot's name may sound like it can drive a Tesla electric car for you, but it's still a semi-autonomous feature that can auto-steer, keep you in your lane, brake, and accelerate the car forward as long as the driver is still paying full
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Elon Musk gives a tentative release date for the Tesla Model Y

If you can even trust anything that comes from Elon Musk's Twitter account, it looks like Tesla's next electric car will be officially revealed in early 2019. The forthcoming Model Y has been the topic of much speculation, and after a busy day of
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Elon Musk loves NASA, and he has the old password to prove it

SpaceX founder Elon Musk really loves NASA, and with good reason. Without NASA's advances in spaceflight, commercial rocketeers like Musk would have a limited understanding of how to safely fly to orbit.  In fact, a former password used by Musk
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Analyst fires back after Elon Musk shut him down in Tesla earnings call

The drama is heating up after Tesla CEO Elon Musk called a bunch of analysts' questions boring. Well, this certainly isn't boring: One of the analysts who asked about the electric car maker's Model 3 reservations at last week's unhinged earnings
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Elon Musk DGAF what anyone thinks of him

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is losing it. If Wednesday's earnings call was any indication, Musk — already known for his kookiness — really doesn't care what anyone thinks of his behavior or approach to running an electric car company.  SEE
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Elon Musk lets customers know when that dual-motor Tesla Model 3 will arrive

Those Tesla Model 3 orders are taking awhile, but at least the electric carmaker's CEO Elon Musk is keeping customers in the loop. Over the weekend, Musk, who is apparently sleeping at the factory as he takes over production of the behind-schedule
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Elon Musk says he's 'optimistic' Mars ship will make first trips in 2019

Elon Musk says he's making "great progress" toward his goal of getting to Mars by 2022.  Speaking during a last-minute appearance at SXSW, Musk said he thinks SpaceX's Mars ship will be ready for its first trips in less than a year. SEE ALSO:
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Elon Musk immediately reacts to Model 3 driver's crash story by adding features

Tesla isn't like other car makers, and you can say the same about its CEO, Elon Musk.  Namely because Musk seems rather proactive when it comes to customer suggestions, responding to a owner's Model 3 crash experience on Twitter.  SEE ALSO