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Social proof can be an effective tool to motivate customers to move online

From: Buisness-standard By Gary Peacock Recommended by: business-standard Can online and e-commerce companies compete on anything except price? Yes, they can because not everyone buys on price. Remember the words of Warren Buffet
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When Money Isn’t Enough: 4 Drivers of Motivation

Most existing recognition and incentive programs have been designed utilizing traditional economic theories which suggest: People tend to act rationally and in their own best interests when making decisions Money is the most effective motivator This
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How some people stay motivated and energized at work—even when they don’t love their jobs

From:   By: Nick Tasler Via: How some people stay motivated and energized at
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Robert Cialdini Interview With Dan Ariely

From:   By: VW Staff Via: RT @RobertCialdini: #cialdini asks: Dr
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How to Set Goals the SMART Way

Goal setting is an undeniably important step on the road to achievement, be it personal, or in the workplace. Goals serve four basic functions: providing guidance and direction, facilitating planning, motivating and inspiring employees, and helping
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8 Tips for Managing Millennials More Effectively

If managing millennials is a major topic of conversation — and frustration — in your organization, here are eight things managers and your organization can do that will bring out the best in your millennials. These practices will help
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Best In Class: Is Your Company Multilingual Enough?

Forbes Insights and Rosetta Stone surveyed over 200 executives around the world to find out how leading companies are training their employees to speak and work in languages—other than their native tongue—and the impact it is having at
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Success in the Global Workplace Takes Understanding the Culture

An engineering manager I’ll call Geoff was sent to his company’s Mexican subsidiary to direct a team of engineers. His job was to get a production line up and running and return to the States. After working with the Mexican engineers for