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Best Mother's Day gifts for under $50 (that mom actually wants)

When is Mother's Day?  We're so glad you asked. Mother's Day is always the second Sunday is May, which means in 2018 it falls on May 13.  We can all agree that moms deserve the world. It goes without saying that mothers should always get
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Toddler scares the crap out of her mom in the most innocent way possible

When IT came out in 1990, it terrified children and parents alike. The 2017 reboot of IT  is still keeping people on their toes.  Twitter user @BornToBriWild's three-year-old daughter gave her a scare recently when she looked down the
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Oklahoma mom 'embarrassed' that her child's textbook once belonged to Blake Shelton

Don't take it too personally, Blake – this isn't really about you. As Oklahoma mother Shelly Bryan Parker shared on Facebook this week, she was "embarrassed" to find that a textbook she believes was once used by singer Blake Shelton in the
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The Business Skills Mothers Learn Caring For a Child

I want to make you think – possibly to even think differently for some of you — about all the things parents bring to the world of work. It’s a tough gig at times bringing up tiny humans, and for...
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To understand Facebook's betrayal, just look at my mom

Facebook makes my mother miserable. She knows it, and she's disgusted with herself for nevertheless continuing to spend time scrolling through its endless updates. But I wish she knew that this seemingly self-sabotaging behavior is not her fault
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SZA's mom has some words of wisdom for coping with stress and hello to our new mentor

Hello to our new life coach, mentor, and role model: SZA's mom. SZA—singer of "All The Stars" from the Black Panther soundtrack—shared a text message her mom sent her and it features some words to live by.  SEE ALSO: Kendrick Lamar
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Teen's message to mom who starred in Taylor Swift's new music video will make you cry

Moms are the freaking best and do not receive nearly enough praise for all the good they do in this world. Oddly, it took Taylor Swift's new music video for "Delicate" to remind me of this fact. After Swift's music video premiered during the
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'Red Sparrow' is no 'Mother!', gets tepid response from critics

We now interrupt The Black Panther Show to take a moment for Red Sparrow, Francis Lawrence's upcoming Russian spy thriller starring Jennifer Lawrence. Reviews found Sparrow to be mildly interesting if not the edge-of-the-seat thriller the filmmakers
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Mom turns wedding ring into necklace for her daughter after her divorce

A mom's thoughtful gift to her daughter following her divorce is warming hearts on the internet.  SEE ALSO: Plus-size teen rocks dress she never thought she'd wear and the photos are so inspiring Devin Petit, from Pittsburgh, PA, tweeted a
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Mike Pence *may* have just bought his wife a Valentine's Day gift at CVS

Nothing says "Mother, I love you" like a $11.99 box of chocolates from a drug store. Or maybe some flowers. Or even a teddy bear holding a heart. Vice President Mike Pence was reportedly spotted at a CVS in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday evening.