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The Hottest Company of 2018? Indeed Says It’s Tesla – and It Isn’t Even Close

In the war for talent, the companies with the hottest buzz, the coolest brand, and the most meaningful and innovative work tend to win out. Indeed, the giant job board with over 200 million unique monthly visitors, has great insight...
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Exit blues

From:   By: Mihir Dalal Via: Exit blues
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Google, IBM Primed for a Quantum Computing Leap, Says Morgan Stanley

From:   By: Tiernan Ray Via: RT @trengriffin: Quantum computing
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So, what’s the state of India’s online retail market anyway?

From:   By: Mihir Dalal Via: So, what’s the state of India’s
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Bjarne Stroustrup

From: Via: RT @MorganStanley: #Innovation at #MorganStanley motivates original C++ developer Bjarne to improve #technology: htt…