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HTC's blockchain phone Exodus will come with CryptoKitties in three months tops

HTC would like us to know that it's not kidding about that blockchain phone.  Originally announced in May without a price, date or specs, the Exodus phone sounded a bit like a desperate last effort to make HTC, which laid off 22 percent of its
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Pride may be over, but here's how to celebrate LGBTQ Wrath month

Hope everyone had fun during LGBTQ Pride month! Please be advised that happiness is now overQueer wrath has arrived in its place. The past two years have been a particularly brutal time for LGBTQ Americans. The Trump administration is seeking to
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Get four months of Amazon Music Unlimited for less than $1

If you're a Prime member, but haven't subscribed to the Amazon Music Unlimited streaming service yet, now is the time to set one up for yourself.  SEE ALSO: Amazon Prime Day begins July 16 and it's gonna be huge Here's why: You can get access
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Uber is officially back on the road in London, but only for 15 months

Uber faced a major setback last year when London's transportation agency pulled the ride-hailing app's license. More than half a year later, Uber admitted in court to safety problems with its program, offered up changes, and has now been granted a
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Hawaii hits one month of vigorous lava flows — and shows no signs of relenting

Precisely one month ago, a 500-foot long crack in the ground opened up in Hawaii's Leilani Estates neighborhood, spewing lava into the air. At the time, volcanologists weren't sure what might happen next, and whether lava flows would continue
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Apple is giving away a month of free iCloud storage to new subscribers

Listen up, digital hoarders. Apple apparently wants more of its customers to cough up the (relatively small amounts of) dough for premium iCloud storage. Spotted by AppleInsider, the tech giant is running a new complimentary month promotion to ease
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Amazon is running the best sale on Kindles that we've seen in months

Whether you need to get ahead before next semester starts or you're simply looking to tackle all those titles now that the weather is warming up, summer is the season for reading.  SEE ALSO: The best iPad Pro cases on Amazon, according to
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Hawaii's Kilauea volcano could keep erupting for months. Here's why.

Hawaii's young, lively Kilauea volcano shows no signs of slowing down.  On May 4, the first lava-swollen fissure opened up in the Leilani Estates neighborhood on the eastern flank of Kilauea. Soon after, 16 more fissures opened in the area.
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Elon Musk's Boring Company is 'a few months' from offering free rides beneath L.A.

Elon Musk's Boring Company (how many companies does this guy run now?) has officially completed its first tunnel underneath Los Angeles, paving the way for pods to shuttle pedestrians and cyclists at fast speeds. Musk shared the news of the
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Save $52 on Sony noise-cancelling headphones *and* get two months of Netflix for free

Summer is almost here, which means a relaxing vacation is probably in your future. You know, the relaxing that happens if there's not a screaming kid on the plane and if no groups of college kids decide to blast music at the poolRiiight. Clearly,