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Corruption of science: Why are governments not banning Monsanto's Roundup?

From: Buisness-standard By Sunita Narain Recommended by: business-standard There is one chemical that is igniting much fuss these days — legislators in New Zealand want it banned; South African leaders are asking why they are
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This Weather Startup Provides Hyperlocal Data To Customers Like Monsanto

Weather startup Understory will be working with Monsanto to provide hyperlocal weather data for corn fields in Argentina.
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Why Monsanto Partnered With This Startup To Power Its Agricultural Data Science

There's an innumerable number of big data startups out there using machine learning and AI to develop models - so why did a large company like Monsanto choose this one?
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Health Agency Says Widely Used Herbicide Likely Carcinogenic

From:   By: Jacob Bunge Via: @nealkhosla Glyphosate the most-used herbicide in the U.S likely carninogenic per WHO; http
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Seeds of Doubt

From:   By: Michael Specter Via: Michael Specter's piece in the latest New Yorker on GMO is really really good. http
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From: Via: RT @Mahindra_USA: The 2015 Mahindra Women in Ag Scholarship is here! Click here to apply: #WomenInAg…2015
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Inside Monsanto, America's Third-Most-Hated Company

From:   By: Drake Bennett Via: Inside Monsanto, America's third-most-hated company:
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Monsanto Buys Weather Big Data Company Climate Corporation For Around $1.1B

From:   By: Alexia Tsotsis Via: Monsanto buys big data @climatecorp for $1.1B. Big cleantech win & datascience