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With new shoppable stories, get ready to spend all your money on Instagram

It was only a matter of time. On Tuesday, Instagram announced the introduction of shoppable stories. Now, brands can tag their stories with the specific products featured in them. Then, when 'grammers click on the tag, they can see more information
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Amazon's kid-friendly Echo works well, but don't waste your money on the bundle

Echo Dot Kids Edition $79.99 View Product The Good Alexa tells great jokes (for kids) • Voice-driven kids games are entertaining • Works just like a regular Echo Dot The Bad Teaching manners not effective for Echo veterans
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Kanye West paid a lot of money for a photo of Whitney Houston's bathroom and people are really mad

Kanye West just made everyone mad again, but this time it had nothing to do with "dragon energy" or politics. It's because he paid $85,000 for a photo of Whitney Houston's bathroom.  This week, rapper Pusha-T — who is signed to West's
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These weed-killing robots could give big agrochemical companies a run for their money

Smart weed-killing robots are here and they have the potential to disrupt the entire pesticide industryEcoRobotix claims their robot could reduce the use of herbicide by 20 percent. Other examples include Blue River, a startup that develops smart
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The difference between time and money

You can't save up time. You can't refuse to spend it. You can't set it aside. Either you're spending your time. Or your time is spending you.       
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Jack Dorsey graces NYC's Blockchain Week to talk up magic internet money

Jack Dorsey loves magic internet money.  This was made explicitly clear on the third and final day of Consensus, an annual blockchain conference in Midtown Manhattan, when the Twitter and Square CEO told a gathered crowd that one day soon the
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Apple is selling fewer iPhones, but it's making tons of money

The iPhone X wasn't a magic elixir to reinvigorate Apple's iPhone sales, but it wasn't the flop some people were saying it would be. In Apple's second quarter earnings report, the tech giant saw revenue continue to grow, but its key product, the
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Learn how to make serious money on Amazon

If you're anything like me, you buy a whole lot of things from one place: Amazon.  Out of toilet tissue? Amazon Fresh has it. Need a refill of basically anything? Prime Delivery can get it to you in as little as two hours. Want to update your
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Cratejoy is having a 25% off sale today, so kiss your tax return money goodbye

Tax Day is finally here, and we hope that you all got your shit together and did your tax returns, you know, before today. If you were on top of your tax game and haven't blown your entire check (yet), we just wanted to let you know that Cratejoy is
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Treat yo' self: What to buy with your tax return money

W-2? Check. Old receipts? Check. A big fat return from the government? Check and check!  Tax return season is now in full swing and the IRS has begun processing 2017 tax returns. That means if you already filed, you can be well on your way to