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T-Mobile beefs up its unlimited data plans with 70 more countries covered

The wireless carrier wars are continuing to heat up, this time internationally. Today, T-Mobile announced it's expanding it’s Unlimited plan benefits by adding 70 more countries where customers get unlimited data (albeit slow 2G data speeds).
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Verizon has lost its one big advantage in the wireless wars

From: Mashable By Emma Hinchliffe Recommended by: Mashable The days of Verizon as the unequivocal top mobile network are over.The wireless carrier once known its superior wireless network can't really claim that advantage anymore
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Singtel ad replaces drivers eyes with VR goggles in spectacular stunt drifting demo

From: Mashable By Victoria Ho Recommended by: Mashable Mobile networks aren't typically recommended for setups where you need real-time access to data, but a new commercial shot for Singapore mobile operator Singtel aims to prove