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Police rescue group of women stranded on unicorn pool float

Who knew this summer's hottest Instagram accessory could be such a hazard? While driving by Fish Lake in Minnesota, the Chisago County Sheriff's department encountered a tragic sight: a rainbow unicorn pool float stranded in the weeds as the group
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Don't hate me, but record-setting cold and snow are about to sweep across the U.S.

It's April. I know. Flowers should be blooming, outdoor lunches should be starting.  But that springtime reality is a long way off for tens of millions of Americans. For people living across the Upper Midwest, Great lakes, Ohio Valley, Mid-
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Minnesota politician writes bill to ban 'Bachelor' star Arie from the state

After the shocking conclusion of the 22nd season of The Bachelor, the titular bachelor Arie Luyendyk, Jr. has drawn some heavy criticisms for how he handled the whole pick-who-he-wants-to-marry thing. Arie handled it so poorly, in fact, that one of
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Minnesota Twins are selling official Prince merch because Minnesota

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. Want some sweet, sweet Prince merch? Head to a Twins game. Minnesota Twins are
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Minnesota man teams up with friend in India to create an earth sandwich

Lee St. John from Minnesota had an ingenious idea: build an earth sandwich. Four hours later, he teamed up with his new friend, Subash Luitel, in India to take over the world, Subway style.  SEE ALSO: Some dudes recreated Ralph Wiggum's
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The Super Bowl is for losers

[But selling projects well isn't. There are five things every project organizer can learn from the stadium builders...] The Times reports that the people of Minnesota spent half a billion dollars (more accurately written as $500,000,000.00) to build
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What This Sweet Dog Does Every Day By Herself Made Me Tear Up. What A Little Angel.

From: Via: Leaving our friends with a warm fuzzy for the weekend. Grab your kleenex and your pet! Dawson works at the
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Two Foolish Ways To Seem Likable, And A Shortcut That Works Better

From:   By: George Anders Via: Should You Lie To Be Likable? This Expert's View Will Surprise You @forbes