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'Who is this for' meme asks the questions on everyone's mind

People on Twitter are known for asking a lot of deep and complex questions, but lately folks have been dropping one very simple yet profound inquiry about the movies and music we all know and love: Who is it made for? It all seems like innocuous
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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' was canceled and the internet is losing its mind

This is bad. This is very, very bad. After five seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been canceled by Fox, The Hollywood Reporter reported Thursday. Fans of the show are distraught, to say the least, and immediately began voicing their sadness on Twitter
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What Can We Do About an Employee Showing Signs of Mental Decline?

Dear Littler: We have an employee who is exhibiting signs of dementia or some other sort of cognitive impairment. He has fallen asleep at work a few times recently and seems confused by tasks that did not pose any problem for...
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Astonishingly detailed map of the Milky Way will blow your mind

We now have the most detailed catalogue of stars in our Milky Way galaxy yet.  The new map — created using data collected by the Gaia satellite — shows about 1.7 billion stars, including many objects never seen before, according to
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Apple announces new iPad with classrooms in mind

Apple unveiled its 9.7-inch iPad along with 200,000 classroom-friendly apps targeted at teachers and students. The new iPad costs $329 and also supports the Apple Pencil.  Read more...More about Features, Apple, Apps, Ipad, and Software
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Activating the Power of the Subconscious Mind

The untapped power of the subconscious mind can lead you to new success in your personal life and business life. Discovering how to turn your thoughts into positive and implementing the law of attraction into your daily life can take you to new
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Let Stephen Hawking blow your mind with what happened before the Big Bang

Stephen Hawking is a smart guy.  The famed cosmologist has reinvented the way we understand the universe, from black holes to the dawn of time.  He also has some idea of what was going on before time even began. SEE ALSO: Stephen Hawking
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'Get Out' will win Best Picture because the Academy can't make up its mind

Dave Schilling (@dave_schilling) joins us again to talk about Get Out. What's going to have to happen behind the scenes to send a Best Picture trophy home with a thriller? It doesn't happen often, but this might be the year. Subscribe to CineFix for
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Uber Express Pool: cheaper rides, as long as you don't mind walking

Uber just discovered a new activity to integrate into its app: walking. Yes, using your feet is an essential ingredient in Uber Express Pool, a new option users in select cities will begin seeing in the Uber app. Similar to  standard Pool,
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Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance

From: Via: Alex Hutchinson’s brilliant book ENDURE is out today! I LOVED it. ENDURE, sports