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Donald Trump dropped a big 'Schitt' after dismissing a U.S. hero's military service

It's the afternoon of a day ending with "y," so you know Donald Trump has offended someone already. Look no further than Trump's Fox News interview with Chris Wallace. A clip from that interview went viral earlier on Sunday when Wallace asked the
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We’re Helping U.S. Military Veterans Transition to Civilian Life

As a human resources professional, I often witness recruiters struggle to find job candidates with the technical skills and experience their company needs. I also know that scores of military veterans have these skills but struggle to find work in...
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The military is developing a shapeshifting wheel that is capable of transforming in just 2 seconds

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are working on a wheel-to-track mechanism that renders combat vehicles capable of conquering any terrain with ease. The wheel turns into a track while the vehicle is still moving. This research is part of
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Watch Boeing refuel a huge military tanker mid-flight

Boeing successfully refueled a KC-46 Pegasus tanker from a fellow tanker — mid-air. Boeing transferred 146,000 pounds of fuel from one plane to another after taking off from Boeing Field, near Seattle. SEE ALSO: NASA's X-Plane is designed to
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Ajai Shukla: The way forward in military command

From: Buisness-standard By Ajai Shukla Recommended by: business-standard In a small amphibious training exercise called Jal Prahar that terminated last week, India's military paid token obeisance to the notion of tri-service
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Serious Games by Deepak Thandassery, Akshitha Technologies

Serious Games     A Serious Game is a game in which education (in its various forms) is the primary goal, rather than entertainment.    Video games in its various forms are now a part of our culture just