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What #SourceCon Europe Was Really About: Famiglia – and Livesteam Links to the Presentations

Earlier this year I attended my first SourceCon. I flew to Vegas, alone, to find out what everyone over there was doing. Going to a conference alone, on the other side of the world is quite exciting. I didn’t know...
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Four Strategies for Sourcing Top Talent

LinkedIn provides an excellent pool of candidates, but many recruiters are missing out on a separate group of qualified candidates because their process is lacking creativity. In other cases, the tech stack that recruitment teams are using to
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The 2018 Spring Anonymous Track – A #SourceCon Royale Preview

Are you ready to supercharge your sourcing to the next level? The Anonymous Track is going to be full of tips, tricks, and tools to really improve your sourcing game – it’s one of my favorite parts of SourceCon! All...