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Facebook seeks patent on tech that turns on your smartphone microphone

To hear Facebook tell it, no one at the company is secretly using your phone's microphone to listen in on your conversations for the purpose of ad targeting.  But that doesn't mean they aren't open to the possibility.  A patent application
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Emma Watson just dropped the mic on those stories about her Time's Up tattoo

Yep, Emma Watson has definitely seen all those stories about her tattoo's missing apostrophe. SEE ALSO: Alicia Vikander reacts to Time's Up and Frances McDormand's Oscars acceptance speech On Sunday, the actress attended Vanity Fair's Oscars after-
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Tumblr has a game plan for 2018: Keep handing the mic to activists

Tumblr is beloved by users who leverage the site's visual and practical features to confront taboo topics and politics. The blogging platform is also frequently derided by those who mock its progressive activists as "social justice warriors."
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How to use a microphone

More than 10,000 people attended the Lincoln Douglas debates, and yet they debated without amplification. It's only quite recently that we began to disassociate talking-to-many from talking loudly. Having a large and varied audience used to mean