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Last Word: Jack Welch Says Micromanagement Is Good – and I Believe Him

Leave it to Jack Welch, father of the famous rank-and-yank system, to defend micromanagement. The former General Electric CEO is known for a lot of things, but in workforce terms, his embrace of forced ranking — the system where you evaluate
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5 Ways To Tell If You're A Micromanager

When it comes to managing employees, striking the balance between hands-on and micromanaging can be tough. After all, you want to be sure that employees "get it" and that the work is being done well. What’s the harm in making sure?It could be more
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4 Steps to Stop Being a Small Business Micro-Manager – Do’s and Don’ts

Small business owners sometimes have trouble letting go of control. And that death-grip management style is exactly how Chaos Inc. wants to see you run the show. That’s right—too much control can actually be more work, more costly, more chaotic. So