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15 podcasts guaranteed to tell you a fantastic story

What's the magic ingredient of a really great podcast, the thing that makes people tune in time after time? It's simple in theory: Have a really good story. But how?  There are all sorts of ways. Take Serial, the investigative journalism
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How to Change a Selfish Person's Stripes

From:   By: Adam Grant Via: was the nice
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The 12 books every aspiring leader should read, according to a Stanford professor

From: Via: Thanks again, @work_matterso Bob Sutton! Great list. have been maintaining — and
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12 books that every leader should read

From: Via: Once again in great company. Thanks, Bob @work_matters and @LaddersHQ have been
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What Is a Business Model?

From:   By: Andrea Ovans Via: What Is a Business Model? The New, New Thing, Michael Lewis refers to
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Flash Boys Meets Evolutionary Game Theory

From:   By: David Sloan Wilson Via: Flash Boys meets evolutionary game theory, an eye-opening read from @David_S_Wilson