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Messages with unrecognized characters are breaking PlayStation 4 consoles

Hey, PlayStation 4 people. Lock down messaging on your account, pronto. A new kind of malicious message is reportedly floating around on the PlayStation Network that makes the whole console crash. Recovery is possible, but it's not as simple as
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Princess Eugenie's wedding dress carried an inspiring message about self-image

At her royal wedding, Princess Eugenie wore a dress with a low-cut back that revealed a long scar from an operation on her spine, inspiring others with back scars to share photos and feel more comfortable with their bodies. SEE ALSO: Royal wedding
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Apple users claim iOS 12 is sending iMessages to the wrong contacts

A new, previously unannounced iOS 12 feature is causing major headaches for some Apple users. The feature, which Forbes points out was left off the official iOS 12 features list, was intended to merge chats you had with iOS device users who have
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Kavanaugh accuser Deborah Ramirez sends moving message of support to Blasey Ford ahead of hearing

It's going to be an emotional day for much of the country today, especially for Christine Blasey Ford. Ford is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday morning about her alleged sexual assault by Supreme Court nominee Brett
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The Casio Secret Sender JD-6000 was the *original* messaging gadget

Poor '90s tweens! They never used Facebook Messenger. They couldn't text people from their iPhones, they couldn't add GIFs to their WhatsApp messages, and they were far too young for any Twitter DMs.  Somehow, they survived. And a lucky few of
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Text Recruiting Platform Canvas Introduces Personalized Avatars to Messaging

About a year ago, my 70-something year old father was introduced to Bitmojis, those animated images in text messages meant to look a little bit like the sender. He loves them. About every third message I get from him is...
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Why Mister Rogers’ message of love and kindness is good for your health

The release of the Mister Rogers documentary, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” calls to mind the essential message of Rogers’ long-running children’s program, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.” Fred McFeely
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Grounded kid leaves a salty message while powerwashing the deck

This is malicious compliance at its finest. Redditor and powerwashing enthusiast Qrusader62 made his grounded daughter powerwash the family’s deck as a form of punishment. Then he posted a photo of the message she left him. She sorta did the
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Twitter is testing secret, encrypted direct messaging

With the proliferation of secure messaging apps out there, Twitter is set to join in on the action. The company is seemingly testing end-to-end encrypted direct messaging in the Android version of its app, as spotted by computer science student Jane
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Feminist font will amplify your messages of gender equality

Next time you have something loud to say about gender equality, use the right font. Championing feminism and equal rights, fonts have been emblazoned across Women's March and #MeToo protest signs, in capital letters in impassioned #TimesUp tweets,