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Donald Trump contradicts himself on gun violence and mental illness

Displaying a cognitive dissonance that's become common with him, President Donald Trump on Thursday made a reference to the alleged mental instability of the young man accused of the deadly Parkland, Florida school shooting.  Though just last
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This neuroscientist says religion is a mental illness

From:   By: indy100 staff Via: RT @edge: Sapolsky, in The
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‘I was 24 the first time. I still feel like ending it almost every night’

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Filmmaker Rohan Sabharwal writes about his struggle with mental illness and explains why the new mental health care bill is good news.Last week, as I began to co-write this piece
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How I Stopped Feeling Like A Fraud After Quitting My Job To Work For Myself

A month after leaving my corporate job to start my own business, I was asked to give a talk at a digital marketing conference in London. Only three months prior, I’d delivered a similar talk to a similar audience at a similar marketing conference.
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Eating Disorders Are Getting The Silicon Valley Treatment

Kristina Saffran was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa before her thirteenth birthday. She made a full recovery, but millions of fellow sufferers aren't so lucky. Insurance will routinely decline to cover treatment, which is often in excess of $30,000
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How Complaining Can Alter Our Perception

From: Via: RT @RobertCialdini: How Complaining Can Create "Bad Karma" in Your Brain | World of Psychology
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Female Scientists Turn to Data to Fight Lack of Representation on Panels

From:   By: APOORVA MANDAVILLI Via: Female Scientists Turn to Data
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A massive new study links being a workaholic to a myriad of other psychiatric disorders

From:   By: Olivia Goldhill Via: